Outreach Programmes

Our Arts Exploration Programmes aims to expose students to culture and the arts.

Outreach Programmes

Starting from 2009, YPPAE launched its Arts Exploration Programmes (AEP) in the hope of exposing children in schools to culture and the arts. With a blend of oriental culture, Confucian philosophy and western thought in creative drama, we groom budding artistes and broadcasters. Our wide variety of programmes include Mandarin Speech, drama, vocal classes, broadcasting, chinese cross-talk, holiday camps and talks conducted by experts.

Voices of Children
Chinese Culture and Arts Exploration Programmes, integrating Asian Arts, Confucian Philosophy and Western Creative Drama. The programmes include: Standard Mandarin Speech and Drama, Vocal Music, My Microphone, Magical Holiday Camp, Cross Talk and Master classes.

Voices of Children – Long-term Training Course (beginning with Pri 1)
Participants undergo a three-year training programme, which upon completion gives them a grasp of standard Mandarin speech and drama techniques.

In the first two years, participants are brought through basic training in standard Mandarin speech and drama. This lays the foundation for further stage performances. By the third year, participants would be able to speak fluent standard Mandarin and have the confidence to participate in stage performances.

Program Details

The programme is conducted over two 12-session per semester per year

1st year – $15 per session
2nd year – $20 per session
3rd year – $25 per session