Arts Education Workshops

Our Arts Exploration Programmes aims to expose students to culture and the arts.

“Voices of Children” Trial Class


Want to join our long term course but not sure if your child would like it?

Join us at our Trial Class now to find out if you should sign up with us!

Date: 4.1.2019 (Sat)

Time: 4-6 years old 1130-1245 | 7-12 years old 1130-1300


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“My Microphone” Broadcasting workshop

Four components are explored in this workshop, namely:

  1. Speech – Participants learn to express their thoughts fully and accurately.
  2. Recitation – Participants develop an appreciation for the Chinese language through reciting both ancient and modern poems.
  3. Recording – Participants gain a first-hand experience at creating their own recording, sharing their creativity with their peers in unprecedented ways.
  4. Listening – Participants listen to radio broadcasting programmes of old and indulge in the linguistic beauty. Contents of the programmes include storytelling, ancient and modern poetry, songs etc.