Arts Education Workshops

Our Arts Exploration Programmes aims to expose students to culture and the arts.

“It’s Family Play Time” Parent-Child Mandarin Drama Workshop

“Play” is everyone’s privilege, not only for the children~
There is definitely fun in “play” but how do we find purpose in “play”?
Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble (YPPAE) will provide an open and equal environment for you and your children to step in, take a look and try to understand each other’s worlds through creative drama activities. We encourage all participants to express their thoughts and feelings freely, at the same time, listen and respect what others have to say.

Children aged from 4 to 6 years old and 7 to 12 years old along with their parents are welcome to join us to “play” as a family!

*at least 6 pairs of child-parent required for workshop to commence. for more enquiries, please contact us.

“My Microphone” Broadcasting workshop

Four components are explored in this workshop, namely:

  1. Speech – Participants learn to express their thoughts fully and accurately.
  2. Recitation – Participants develop an appreciation for the Chinese language through reciting both ancient and modern poems.
  3. Recording – Participants gain a first-hand experience at creating their own recording, sharing their creativity with their peers in unprecedented ways.
  4. Listening – Participants listen to radio broadcasting programmes of old and indulge in the linguistic beauty. Contents of the programmes include storytelling, ancient and modern poetry, songs etc.

T Class Workshop (4-5 years old)

Number of participants: 20 pax
Duration: 6 sessions X 90 minutes
Course fee: $2,520

*Participating schools may apply for Toteboard Arts Grant Subsidy.