Cross Talk Show “Roaring Good Times 13”

”Roaring Good Times 13“ is back on stage!

A uniquely Singapore’s brand of Crosstalk production is created, in the year 2007, by the talents of Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble.

The artistes of RGT are not only brilliant at performing cross talks, but also at writing the scripts, giving the traditional art form a vibrant new style and contents which is greatly resonant by the audiences across all ages, especially the young adults.

Our creative team’s members include:
Low Zhi Bin, Nam Yunzhou, Kow Xiao Jun, Choo Ming Jing, Tan Zihan, Long Jijian, Tan Hao Kwang, Voon Ee Sing, Sim Jian Hong; Guest artiste Lim Hock Lai; Mentor – Geng Diansheng, Instructor – Soo Wee Seng; Artistic Director – Ma Gyap Sen

Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
Address: National Library Level 3
Date & Time: 28 November 2020, 3.30pm (Live Audience) and 8:00pm (Live Audience + Live Stream)
*Max 80 live audience per show.
Ticket Price: $30 (Live Audience), $25 (Live Stream)

Contact YPPAE at 63366776 or to get your tickets!
Head to SISTIC for the livestream tickets! (Live Stream Sales commencing on 11.11.2020)