Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should children take part in speech and drama or music programmes?
Speech is the bridge of communication which connects the world.
Drama mirrors life, in which, we are in quest of truth, virtue and beauty.
Music open the window of the soul ans touches all heart.

Why should children join YPPAE’s standard mandarin speech and drama programme?
We inherited the tradition of speaking good Standard Mandarin from the older generation of braodcasters. It is our mission to cherish this tradition and pass it down to the next generation.

We engage only YPPAE Artistes or Mandarin broadcasters to teach Standard Mandarin Speech at YPPAE.

How would children benefit from YPPAE’s standard mandarin speech and drama programme?
Star-search is not what we are after.

We base our care for the children’s well-being upon Confucius Philosophy.

We do not teach, we inspire.

We aim to cultivate each individual child’s curiosity, independent thinking, confidence and courage in creativity, building on the basis of teamwork, mutual respect, trust and care.

The above could be achieved through the dedicated facilitation of creative drama and theatre games by our YPPAE Artistes.

What’s next for the children upon completion of junior 1 and 2 programmes?
They could join our Performing Arts Ensemble as YPPAE Performing Member. At the Performing Arts Ensemble, we will groom them for theatre performances.

(refer to YPPAE brochure on our theatre productions)

Will my child be egligible for CCA points in school after joining YPPAE?
YPPAE Performing Members are eligible for CCA Points which is recommended to the local schools by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Would YPPAE’s rehearsals for shows affect my child’s academic score?
On the contrary, YPPAE Performing Members’ achievement in performing arts will give them an extra edge on entering the school of their choice and applications for tertiary scholarships. We have numerous Singapore government scholars in our record.