Running: Backstage!

YPPAE Running: Backstage | 运行吧,后台! is an on-the-job backstage training experience that endeavours to groom individuals to become versatile and competent in the backstage by providing them a nurturing and rigorous environment. 

Beyond equipping them with relevant technical and interpersonal skills, we hope to grow a pool of empowered and independent individuals who will potentially serve the greater Singapore arts industry.

Do you meet the following qualifications?
We are looking for youths who meet the following qualifications:

  • Ability to communicate in Mandarin
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about working with children / the young
  • Exhibit a strong drive to work in backstage
  • Is over 18 years old
  • Is willing to work flexible hours and complete required paperwork
  • Individuals who are able to commit till May 2021 is preferred
What to expect
What to expect:

  • Undergo workshops and specialised training in backstage / stage management
  • Work as YPPAE’s production team
  • Better understand the diverse production and artistic requirements of a professional performing arts company
  • Experience working with different industry professionals

The training will take place in 2 phases, which will present the team with a series of workshops and different YPPAE theatre productions to work and train in.

The first phase will be conducted from 2 Oct – 29 Nov 2020.

Application window: 7 – 30 Aug
Workshop dates: 2, 8, 9, 15, 16 Oct 2020, 7 – 10pm
Rehearsal dates: 18 Oct – 15 Nov 2020 (Monday and Sunday)
Show dates: 16 – 29 Nov 2020
*Please note that the dates are subjected to change.

The second phase will begin on Jan 2021 and end on May 2021.