To become a world-class Chinese cultural youth theatre arts company, iconic in inculcating virtues of truth, goodness, and beauty in the young through the Arts.

Truth: The genuine nature of things reflected without artificiality.
Goodness: The conscience of the artwork which exhibits and pursues greater goodwill.
Beauty: The purity of the artwork reflected by the creator’s strive for perfection and harmony.


From Life; More than life.

YPPAE aims to foster deep-rooted enthusiasm and appreciation of Chinese Culture and performing arts in the young through our original Chinese artistic creations.

To date, YPPAE has delivered over 40 quality Chinese productions of diverse genres such as Drama, Musicals, Choral performances, Cross talk shows etc. These original full-length productions performed by dedicated YPPAE Artistes, have reached out to more than 160,000 audiences, of which 75% are the young. YPPAE’s productions want to keep the young in touch with Chinese culture and values, we also want to touch the lives of the young through our original artistic creations.

YPPAE also aims to provide the young with a platform that leads them to explore and gain a more holistic insight of themselves, of their social behaviour and of the world, through Confucian-fused Theatre Performing Arts Education and Training (Confucian values and Western philosophies and theories of creative drama), seeking greater spiritual and artistic fulfillment.


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